B+B: What is something you learned from being pregnant?
Iva: I learned how much of a miracle it is to be able to create and carry another life inside of you. It’s a really beautiful experience and really teaches you a lot about yourself also.
B+B: What is a lesson you want your daughter to learn from you as she grows up?
Iva: I hope I can teach her how to be a strong woman. I want to show her to always believe in herself and her abilities and to always remember to love herself no matter what.
B+B: What from motherhood, do you hope to gain?
Iva: I hope to gain knowledge from motherhood. It’s a learning experience, and I hope to gain wisdom that I can pass along to her and other people.
B+B: How did you come up with Ela?
Iva: I didn’t actually come up with her name, Kain did. Ela is from one of his favorite video games, I thought he was just being creative and taking a letter out, but nope, it’s a video game character I didn’t find out until a month or 2 later.
B+B: What Hogwarts house do you hope she will be?
Iva: Hufflepuff just like me.
B+B: What about this whole experience has changed you?
Iva: I’ve definitely calmed down a lot more. It’s made me see the good things in life and try not to take anything for granted. I’m much nicer and just have a more motherly and nurturing sense to me now.
B+B: What do you hope other moms can come to you about?
Iva: I hope other moms can come to me about anything. Whether it’s child related or just feelings or anything in general. I always try to listen to people and help out as much as possible. Hopefully I can be a good influence and guiding person for other people when it comes to parenting.
Well, another soul sound off via interview, another session where a human created art by living. Ah,  oh Iva we wish you all the warmest of wishes this next chapter, and thank you for having us during this chapter, you were (and are) truly stunning, and a soul that brings joys to others- what a hufflepuff! Much love, Ben and Becca!
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