Women have been wrote as heart-breakers of history; reasons why countries went to war; history has written Women to have grand influence. Mothers, Daughters, Aunts, Sisters, friends- are all words, titles, to give to women. Now more than ever women are saturating the market and the work place, even politics- yet still lead with their intuition. So naturally when a warrior of a woman books a session, the interview differs.

Kayla is much more than a single mom, she taking over her corner of the world, through her super power of photography. She brings her camera everywhere as she adventures, ironically she used to be a model- which spiked her love, of the lens. Before being a model she loved to dance, and that was what brought her joy, before she had her son.
Before both her son and discovering photography, her life wasn't exactly thrilling. Her son not only brought sunshine on cloudy days, but also affected life by leading her to her passion of photography. Being a model beforehand, showed Kayla how to pose people, and lighting preferences... and her to be curious about the lens. She since realized through her son, capturing timeless moments, gives her so much more appreciation over time and life.
That being said, her first love will remain her son. Although she loves her son, she also enjoys nature, animals, and flowers. She stated if she ever won the lottery, she would go buy out a shelter, land, and then take care of the animals she adopted. Then she would go get some more ink on her canvas of a body.
The reminder that Kayla gave us, is that it will get better.  Life might have ups and down, but it will get better. The light will shine again, and even if it looks bleak while you are trudging through your dark moments, the storm has to end one day.
Her life has more details than this, her story is more than just a blog post, her skill is much more than just hitting a button. 

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