Rising from the roots of Yggdrasil, the world tree, like the force she is- Hel brings forth her faithful companion Garmr. Taking a break from Helheim and her mansions for the dead, she looks around at the graveyard - unloved and forgotten. The dead, the ones she cares for; the sick, the forgotten- the souls that dwell in her halls have been left forgotten once more here.
Her heart aching, she transforms her guard dog into a floating orb of flames, so onlookers would just see a fire breather. Garmr sensing sadness dances around his Mistress - the one who gives love where it is forgotten.
Hel, being sister to the wolf Fafnir, the serpent Jömungandr, and a child of the trickster God Loki, used her immense power and radiated cleansing, welcoming, and loving fire to all the forgotten loved ones in the cemetery. Cleansing their loneliness with flames.  Buried, forgotten, unloved, the souls cry for sanctuary. To be remembered. Hel sends the souls, to pass over the roots of the world tree Yggdrasil, home to Helheim.
Hel knows she is seen as the bringer of the end of days along with her siblings, but she rules her realm with regal stoicism to house the souls that die of sickness and old age until the time comes for Ragnarok. Although Hel serves a meal called Hunger, and cuts it with a knife called Famine, she knew today was not the day for such a meal.
As strong as she is, as hardcore as her hellfire can be, as unwavering as Hel knows she is- today was the day for her benevolence to take hold, and to care for the forgotten, before returning back to her home with Garmr to ferry souls to a new place to rest.
Humongous thanks to our trained Fire Breather and Model, "Smilez" for cosplaying and breathing life into "Hel".  A grateful thanks to our trained, Safety, Hair and Make-Up Artist, Costume Designer, and Cultural Reference, "Fayce."
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