There he was, Bragi: God of Knowledge, poetry and eloquence. Sitting, waiting for his love, his muse, his wife- Idunn, Goddess of Apples and youth. Lounging in the relaxing emerald waters, snacking on sweet gifts from his beloved, Bragi smiles as he hears trumpets announcing new rulers down below, and the ruffling of scrolls and books as new poets attempt to pay tribute to him.
Sadly, he foresees the next turn of events, as he knows the patterns- no sooner are there new rulers, but there is also a squabble amongst gods and goddesses over war and peace. Sure enough, the war horn sounds and the rushing of clouds as his fellow Gods and Goddesses rush for talks of war, and winnings. He sinks into the waters, knowing such talks hold no value to him, until they want to discuss peace, then they will call upon his gentle pacifist soul with his strong opinions. They know he offers peace over fighting, so they know not disrupt his readings until such time as the peace talks. He tries to pacify himself with what the new lines have written but is troubled...
Bragi, son of Odin and Frigg, waits for the others to stop their thunderous bickering over the ascending rulers, so the new Lords can drink out of Bragi’s cup and solidify their rule.
At long last the thunderous arguments end, the lines of poetry were no longer pleasing- so it was time to burn away the negativity.  Humming and smiling as the words burn, a melody escapes Bragi’s gilded mouth, as song and words are yet another attribute to this gentle soul. The Bard of Valhalla rests easy again. 
Hair and Make Up and Styling credit to : Cheyenne Ayla James.
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