2 Busy B's!

Meet the two busy B's of B+B.

Ben and Becca

Ben: I was born and raised in Grand Junction, Colorado, and it wasn't a bad place to live. Like every place it grows and more people decide to move in. I've always liked smaller towns and when I got out of college I was offered a job in Montrose I couldn't turn it down. I decided to start a side "Business" to expand my experience even more. It has been a wild ride, if you are reading this and you just need my services click here for assistance. You can also find my contact info on that page as well.

Photo of Becca, Becca: Hi! I was born in Texas, then started photography in 2012, Blondie's Photography. I had an amazing opportunity to build an amazing client base, that morphed into a blonde family. I was able to take a great partner in 2014, and was able to move to Colorado in 2016 while they held down the fort in Texas. A year later, married, and realizing more and more, that Ben and I help one another out with our businesses we decided to just join forces. I became a silent partner at my beloved blonde family. That being said, after 5 years of photography experience including weddings and events, and one sweet blonde family... as well as many lessons learned.. the thought of building anew is daunting. Yet nothing ever came from the fear of the unknown and comfort zones.

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