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B+B Banter: Why Valentine's Day IS NOT celebrated here.
Oh, hold on to your seats, sass is ahead. Each year we are asked or it is stated: "Oh I bet you guys have the sweetest Valentine's plans", and "Oh what are the sweet B's planning for their lovely Valentine's Day?" We love you, we do. But we are kicking Cupid off the air waves, and taking back the "love"- which BIG SURPRISE, is NOT a huge teddy bear with roses and chocolates. In fact it is something you can not see. Ever heard of love languages?
B+B Banter: 2019 Interview, Ben+Becca
"... you're like a babbling bumbling band of baboons! " It's been awhile since we sat down and interviewed ourselves, so what better time to do so than in a month that was originally filled with questions. Now to the scene: we sit with piano music playing, a plate of crackers and cheese slices, two wine glasses, and two humans attempting to figure out how to interview themselves.
Graduation: Single Mom Style
Just 28% of single moms who entered college between 2003 and 2009 received a degree or certificate within six years. That’s compared to 40% of married mothers and 57% of women in college without children. Meet Courtney, single mom of three, college grad and returning to school for more knowledge, battling against the statistics.
Aging: 24 year is still young.
Tina is an on the rise make up artist, who we have the pleasure of capturing from time to time. This time it was for her 24th birthday! Enjoy her interview over what she is looking forward to in the new year, and maybe some advice she was willing to share with you!
Vintage Love with Kailey And Eric: The Hudspeth Couple.
From two years, to twenty, we think each couple can hold valuable information that others can learn from. K And E, wedded on October 6th, 2018. Naturally we had to ask a whole bunch of real questions, and get real answers. Real love, is real messy. Real love, is real power. Real love, could never be explained by one person in one lifetime- that is why we ask multiple people.
The Clan of Carey
We barely do Family Sessions, but each time we do, we seem to be so over come with love and thoughtfulness. The clan of Carey, was no exception. In fact, these four seem to have enough love for the world. Here is their interview.
Motherhood: Singled Out.
Once upon a time, boy met girl. They fell in love. Babies and marriage were made. Promises and planning of the future were cultured. Then tomorrow came, someone walked, life went on. A tale on singleness meeting motherhood... and the power of finding yourself.
Love Never Fades: Rex + Denise
Twenty four years of lessons on a second chance, and love prevailed. Lessons over time, through ups and down, should always be at least listened to- it is not often that lessons do not teach us by harming us.
Walk with Ela and Iva, magical wonders.
Iva has always been a gypsy soul, flowing magic through her life impacting those around her with moody mystical ways. Here is an interview with such a wondrous soul as her next adventure takes on motherhood.
Tweet, The PR Grad.
Cassie, is a confident young lady chasing her dreams and overcoming her frustrations. Sweet, Sassy, and Classy, are three words that would describe her in a tweet.
Bragi the Bard
Bragi: God of Knowledge, Poetry, and eloquence. The Bard of Asgard. As new kings ascended to their ranks they would drink from his cup to solidify their rule. He is the husband of Idunn; Goddess of Apples and Youth. He was a pacifist mostly, and would rather offer peace than fight. A son of Odin and Frigg. Extremely skilled with words and song. Bragi is a gentle soul with strong opinions.
The Power of Photography
Love stories should always be captured and displayed, but the reasonings for doing so differ by couple's love story.
The Empress's Fourth
We spent our Fourth of July with The Southern Empress, watching the views bob and flow like the waves lapping at the vintage steamboat wedding venue and private party cruise line.
Fiery Hel
Cosplay is a way of bringing to life stories of history, characters of fiction, and much much more. Photography is a way to tell the captured, brought to life, story.
As The Year Closes Out, We Must Remember
Our lessons from 2017, and advice we were given and are giving.
Lions Talk Tech
Ben here, from time to time I will write a tech inspired article solely based off what I have learned from experience.
Make-Up Your Own Life
Our good and talented friend, blessed us by investing in photographing her stunning self.
And the Force Flows
Austin balances the Light and the Dark is his life as he ventures outwards.
3 Adventures, 2 People, 1 Day
B+B was invited to join a pre-planned adventure: this is what happens when you say yes to life.
Ice Lake Hike
Knowing Glass: Kayla
Photographers are often some of the most interesting souls. They often are the most dismissed people, very rarely spotted in front of the camera, let alone taken photos of. When one gets the honor to know someone behind the glass, let alone photograph them: ASK. THEM. QUESTION. LEARN THE GLASS.
Sunflower Love
There are many types of people you will cross in your life, and the one that creates an intersecting point, the one whom changes your life: your soulmate. Your soulmate will create and intersecting point, end the path you were on and create a new path for you. Like a sunflower, they will only point you to the lighted path while gifting you shade on long days! We had the honor of meeting Anisha and Justin through our circle of friends, and an even greater honor of capturing their love, along side of fellow photographer Brice Dunn of BS Photography.
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